Our philosophy

We are hard working film makers who run a production company and have some of the latest and greatest gear to share. We make all our equipment easily available to other film makers at the best prices in town to help them tell their stories. Film makers just like you.

We rarely advertise and don’t try to compete with the bigger rental companies. And we like it that way. Most of our customers are repeat indie film makers just like you who need rental gear at the best prices and without all the hassle.And they’ve been coming back renting for years.

Why are we cheaper?

We don’t invest millions a year just to have every new camera that comes out. If you want the latest $100,000 RED Dragon 8k 3D ultra super camera that also makes you coffee, we can refer you to the other guys.We also have minimal overheads which, combined, is why our prices are generally cheaper than the others.
And that’s just how our customers like it.

It’s all our own gear. We use it, maintain it, take good care of it, and make it available for you to rent.

Go ahead, create your account, and join the Metropolis Rental Gear family. We’ll help you tell your story.


-A.J. Carter

Founder / CEO